Law Firm H&P-LAW, s. r. o.

The Law Firm H&P LAW, s. r. o., was founded in 2013 by the attorney at law Mr. JUDr. Jaroslav Horký, an expert in particular in the real estate law and real estate transactions.

Our Law Firm resides in Prague. We provide comprehensive legal services in many fields of Czech, European and international law. We pride ourselves on personal approach to individual clients, and at the same time also on efficiency.

We cooperate with experts from other professions, as are certified experts and appraisers, accountants and tax advisors, real estate experts, and foreign law firms. Our goal is to achieve maximum satisfaction for all clients, and maximally protect and effectively enforce their rights.

Our Law Firm strictly adheres to the ethical rules arising from professional regulations issued by the Czech Bar Association and the Code of Conduct for Lawyers in the European Community.


We will be pleased to assist you in the following matters:

  • All real estate transactions
  • Inheritance proceedings, co-ownership and its dissolution and settlement, including relating rights
  • Flats (apartments), associations of owners of residential and non-residential units, building cooperatives, drafting contracts
  • Disputes arising from contractual relations, insolvency, discharge from debts, exacting and enforcing
  • Rights to compensation, damages and insurance benefits
  • Marriage, community property of spouses, custody of a minor child, maintenance and support
  • Defence in criminal cases
  • Attorney´s escrow

Our Law Firm strictly adheres to the ethical rules arising from professional regulations issued by the Czech Bar Association and the Code of Conduct for Lawyers in the European Community.

Many years of experience
over 600 satisfied clients


P.S. Munich, Germany

Our family was expelled from Czechoslovakia after the year 1945. What a surprise it was when we were approached by the law firm H&P-LAW, s. r. o., with the possibility of acquiring my aunt's property in the Czech Republic. We contacted the relevant authorities, and they told us that it was not possible. All the property was confiscated from German citizens on the basis of the Beneš decrees. In this sense we informed the law firm, and considered the whole thing a fraud. Nevertheless, we decided to listen to the arguments of this law firm, and we met with our lawyer in Munich. The whole matter was explained to us, and we did not stop wondering. Even our lawyer in Germany confirmed the whole thing as real. Therefore, we entrusted the law firm H&P-LAW, s. r. o., to handle the whole matter. To our satisfaction and surprise, we acquired the property, and subsequently sold it. Thank you, and we recommend their services.

M.S., Florida, USA.

I found out that it is possible to get citizenship of the Czech Republic, because my grandmother and grandfather came from there, and lived there until their emigration in 1939. After a consultation at the consulate, I received information what all I have to do to get my application accepted. Unfortunately, I do not speak Czech, and I have few documents concerning my grandparents. On the recommendation of my friends, I contacted the law firm H&P-LAW, s. r. o. On the basis of scarce information, they traced all the documents relating to my grandparents in the Czech Republic, which were necessary to apply for the citizenship. In cooperation with the consulate, they took care of everything on my behalf, and today I can declare myself a citizen of the Czech Republic. I already have a Czech passport, and my children also have a Czech passport. I can highly recommend this office.

R.B. Tel Aviv, Israel

We have inherited with relatives into co-ownership real estate of high value in the Czech Republic. Each of us had a different idea of how to use and handle the inherited property. Therefore, we contacted the law firm H&P-LAW, s. r o., to help us with the whole matter, as it is not always easy to find a solution with relatives. After multiple consultations with all parties involved, we were able to find a solution. It was not easy, but in the end acceptable by all of us. Thank you for your help in this case, and we recommend to use the services of this law firm.

P.N. Brno

After being contacted by an attorney from USA, we were told that we are entitled to the estate of an uncle who lived and died in the US. Unfortunately, none of us speak English. We were recommended to address the law firm H&P-LAW, s. r. o., that has contacts all over the world. This law firm took over this our case and, in cooperation with their colleagues in the USA, arranged the whole matter. This is despite the fact that the situation is not at all easy in the COVID era. Today everything is settled, and we can enjoy the inheritance we have received.

P. N., Český Těšín

We were contacted by the law firm H&P-LAW, s. r. o., that we have the property that belonged to our grandparents in Moravia. We did not really believe it, as we thought that the restitution ended a long time ago. Nevertheless, a representative of the office visited us, and explained the whole matter. Really! My grandparents' property had never been confiscated, nor had their inheritance been discussed with respect to this property. We entrusted the law firm to arrange for us the inheritance proceedings, and subsequent sale of this property. Everything worked out perfectly. At present everything has been settled to our complete satisfaction. We recommend.

L. H., Vancouver, BC, Canada.

My siblings and I inherited an apartment house in Prague from our aunt. Each of us lives elsewhere in the world. We needed to take care of the inheritance, administer the estate. The law firm H&P-LAW, s. r. o., was recommended to us. We used their services to our great satisfaction. They explained all the legal facts, and handled everything for us. They also provided us with a property manager. They fulfilled all they said. We are still using their services to this day. We definitely recommend them.

P. F., Philadelphia, USA

My brother and I co-owned a house which my brother used exclusively by himself. It was impossible to agree with him on anything, namely how to manage the house, rent it, etc. And he claimed that he was entitled to the whole house. I contacted the law firm H&P-LAW, s. r. o., which analysed the whole matter, and proposed a solution that was the most advantageous for me. Today, the whole matter has been resolved in my favour. Without the help of this law firm, I would still be unhappy today. I can highly recommend their services.

N & M. D., Illinois, USA.

Within the restitution, we received real estate which were subsequently stolen from us, and that by a person we entrusted to manage and administer our property. Without the help of the law firm H&P-LAW, s. r. o., we would have no property. We were surprised that we had no income from the property, and therefore we addressed, on recommendation, this law firm to review our real estate in the Czech Republic. The law firm checked everything, and informed us that our real estate has been stolen. They offered us assistance in this matter, and they managed to secure remedy for us. We highly recommend their services.