The remuneration of the Law Firm is set according to the nature of the legal service provided. Based on consultation and agreement with the client, one of the following types of remuneration for the legal services may be then stipulated:

  • Hourly rate: the fee for legal services is set by the number of hours the attorney at law actually spends on the case for the client.
  • Rate per act: the fee for legal services is determined by the number of acts of legal services that the attorney at law performs for the client in a certain case.
  • Flat rate: the fee for legal services is agreed as a fixed amount for the complete handling the matter and/or settlement of the case; the amount is agreed with the client when accepting the legal representation. The flat rate can be also agreed as a monthly payment, provided that in this payment is included total number of hours per month.

Note: When accepting the representation, we always inform the client of the expected costs of the legal representation and cash expenses to be able to find together suitable terms and conditions for the provision of legal services. The first consultation in the case is free of charge from the part of the Law Firm H&P-LAW, s. r. o.