Our Team

JUDr. Jaroslav Horký, attorney at law

The founder of the Law Firm H&P-LAW, s.r.o. Since the year 1992, he is active as a real estate consultant and advisor:

  • assessment of real estate property law relations
  • analytic analysis of individual real estate projects
  • management of movable and immovable property

He speaks Czech, English and German

Blanka Štíchová - External specialist for the

  • Citizenship issues and application requirements,
  • Family related issue as – Vital Statistic and application requirements,
  • Name Change, Marriage Registration, Birth Registration (issue Czech Marriage, Birth and Death Certificate)
  • Authentication of the documents (Apostille)
  • Translation of the official documents,
  • Requrement of the marriage in the Czech Republic
  • Ancestors

Speaking Czech and English