Business Law

  • Comprehensive services in companies and cooperatives law
  • Forming companies and cooperatives and their changes
  • Transfers of business shares, stocks and other types of securities
  • Drafting and reviewing all types of business contracts
  • Enforcement of liabilities arising from contracts and recovery of creditors´ claims
  • Complete preparation of insolvency petitions, including representation in insolvency proceedings
  • Out-of-court and judicial resolving of disputes arising from contractual relations
  • Legal due diligence

Civil Law

  • Law of obligations
  • Representation in court and arbitration proceedings in civil disputes
  • Law of inheritance
  • Co-ownership, community property of spouses, declaration of the owner of the building by which are defined units (residential and non-residential) in the house to be entered into the Land Registry
  • Leases and subleases of buildings and land, flats (apartments) and non-residential premises
  • Personality rights – protection of life and health, civil honour and human dignity
  • Liens, security interests and easements
  • Compensation for damages and unjust enrichment
  • Legal capacity to act
  • Sports law

Real Estate Law

  • Complex preparation of contractual documentation for purchase and sale of real estate (purchase contracts, agreements for future purchase contracts, mortgage and loan contracts, contracts for establishment of easements)
  • Solving real estate financing, development projects
  • Providing legal services to real estate agencies
  • Ownership, co-ownership, declaration of the owner of the building by which are defined units (residential and non-residential) in the house to be entered into the Land Registry
  • Preparation and drafting lease agreement, their amendments and termination
  • Legal representation before courts, arbitration bodies and administrative authorities in real estate disputes
  • Escrow of money, documents, securities and other property at an attorney at law

Family Law

  • Divorce proceedings
  • Regulation of the relationship between spouses and their minor children for the period before and after the divorce
  • Deprivation, limitations and suspension of parental responsibility
  • Support and maintenance for minors and adult children, spousal support and alimony after the divorce
  • Determination and denial of paternity
  • Preparation and drafting of prenuptial agreements
  • Settlement of community property of spouses

Administrative Law

  • Representation and consultancy in the field of administrative law before trade licensing authorities, building authorities or customs authorities
  • Misdemeanour law
  • Building permit procedure
  • Public procurement
  • Judicial review of administrative decisions

Citizenship services

  • All legal services for the reacquisition of citizenship of the Czech Republic for former Czech citizens and their descendats (including their children and grandchildren)