P.S. Munich, Germany

Our family was expelled from Czechoslovakia after the year 1945. What a surprise it was when we were approached by the law firm H&P-LAW, s. r. o., with the possibility of acquiring my aunt's property in the Czech Republic. We contacted the relevant authorities, and they told us that it was not possible. All the property was confiscated from German citizens on the basis of the Beneš decrees. In this sense we informed the law firm, and considered the whole thing a fraud. Nevertheless, we decided to listen to the arguments of this law firm, and we met with our lawyer in Munich. The whole matter was explained to us, and we did not stop wondering. Even our lawyer in Germany confirmed the whole thing as real. Therefore, we entrusted the law firm H&P-LAW, s. r. o., to handle the whole matter. To our satisfaction and surprise, we acquired the property, and subsequently sold it. Thank you, and we recommend their services.

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